2017’s Late Start Summer Garden

It took a lot of time and effort to expand from this:

2016 Summer Garden

To this:

And I had a few setbacks — mostly because I got overly excited and started things too early.  Also I had some sloppy technique in the seed starts and I had to do some replanting. 

I got discouraged a time or ten and worried that our labor efforts and money spent on fencing would be for naught. But as late as it is, compared to everyone else’s gardens in the area and compared to how big my few plants were this time last year, it’s coming along one little leaf at a time. I have lots of healthy babies and lots of room for them. The goal in expanding was to grow enough food to can and freeze some.

Tomato Town
Too Many Watermelons
Wendell and the Mystery Squash
Mystery Squash

Watermelon Challenges

Got some beautiful watermelon plants – Charleston Gray – growing in reusable grocery bags. I’m going to go ahead and embarrass myself by publishing some assumptions without first doing research.  

  • Container gardening poses challenges with moisture sometimes more so than gardening in the ground
  • Cloth bags don’t hold moisture all that well (hence people posting things like “it’s impossible to over water”)
  • Water- fucking- melon should probably receive plenty of water, Yeah?
  • I’ve been a bit of a stingy waterer thus far

And now for the drum roll………

Presenting Blossom End Rot!

So far it only seems like 2 of the 9 babies are affected.  And now I solemnly swear to water them every day until they are nearly ripe (if we are so blessed to make it that far) and I will at that point withhold water for the sole purpose of sweetening.

Out of curiosity Silas and I cut into one. He said, “I bet it’s red inside!” I said, “I bet it’s white.”  Well, guess who was right?

My baby!

They smell fantastic and are surprisingly sweet for being so little.

(Now, let’s just cross our fingers that it’s not a real calcium deficiency.)