Clementine Has PMS

I know she’s about to start laying. Maybe even today. She’s been very vocal, bitching quite a bit. She’s not usually noisy at all. She squatted for me a couple of times again today. She’s been aggressive about her food. Poor baby. I know how she feels. Only this is brand new for her and she’s about to poop out a large surprise. 

Clementine and Rosie Taking a Dust Bath

UPDATE  12/28/16:

She did it! Clementine laid her first egg.

Fluffy Butts

The girls had a nice day out and about today, though the temperature stayed in the twenties. I had to break up the ice in their waterer a couple of times and it wasn’t very much fun being outside. Perhaps it was the cold that kept them moving, but for the first time ever they bravely ventured away from their coop. 

Gawking at my Mother-in-law in the Human Coop
I Showed Them Where to Find the Goods
Cozy in a Nesting Box

Also the Delawares’ combs and wattles are suddenly bright red and Clementine squatted today when I tried to pet her. I bet we’ll have more layers soon!!