I’m Dead

Five hours of tilling, weeding, spacing and planting did me in. I was already really sore in the neck when I woke this morning, but now I’m pretty much toast. Thankfully the sun mostly stayed away while I was out there. I wouldn’t have been able to get done what I needed to otherwise.

Tomato, Squash, & Pepper sections

Just ignore the fact that there are still weeds in every picture and focus on the accomplishment, ok?

Okra rows with a couple of watermelons in between

I transplanted:
Pumpkins – 6
Yellow squash -14
Bell peppers – 11
Lunchbox peppers – 3
Banana peppers – 8
Eggplant – 7
Cayenne – 6
Jalapenos – 8
Cinnamon basil – 4
Tomato – 1
That’s 68 freaking plants!

I ran out of space for peppers so I ended up putting the cayenne in the herb garden and the jalapenos in the flower garden.

Again, look at the flowers not the weeds. Ok well some of my flower garden plants are weeds.

There are still 7 small tomatoes and 2 habaneros that will be looking for homes in a week or two. If I rip out the mizuna and the broccoli and plant near the cucumbers and maybe next to the okra, I should be able to cram everyone in.

I estimate that I have 250 plants that I started from seed right now. No wonder I’m tired. That’s damn ambitious.

Three Frigid Nights Ahead

The veg garden is going to have to endure on its own at least for tonight (they’re crucifers after all) but we’re attempting to save the herbs with a warmed tent. 

Tonight is supposed to drop below 25 for an hour or two, tomorrow we’re expecting a hard freeze, and I’m not certain about Thursday night, except that it too will suck.

I think the basil is already dead and the chives may be too, but we still have baby dill, cilantro, parsley, summer savory and peppermint that are worth saving. Not to mention the new rebirth of the balm, sage and oregano. 

Good night, little troopers!