Corn Fail

Somebody is stealing corn and leaving remnants all over the place. Also the stalks look brown and dead. However, the biggest problem is the corn itself. Obviously the pollination failed, being that there are only a few kernels. Also the silks are rotted (which fooled me into thinking the pollination was effective) and there seems to be infestation as well.

My guess is that having the corn against the building inhibited air flow, making it too hot and restricted the pollination. Our manual pollination efforts were not very good either.

I ordered a pack of seeds to try an early fall crop, like the man at Southern States said he was going to grow. Have no idea where I’m going to put it. I know where I’m not putting it though:

Full of Hopes, Since Dashed

I should never count my baby veg before they’re done growing. But I do it anyway.