Finally (Almost) There

To say this has been terrible would be an insensitive comparison to the real trials of life: death, tragedy, loss.  After all, at this moment we are on a quest for dirt, right?  This is a happy time.  But it hasn’t been.  It’s been hard.  Unexpected things appeared, namely some pretty major water damage on the rental house. This led to shaken trust, hurt feelings, hundreds of heated discussions, and repeated thoughts of walking away from the whole thing.  Basically the beautiful fantasy was wiped away and replaced with muddled garbage.  No peace; no security.  Fear. Continue reading “Finally (Almost) There”

So Close But So Far Away

This journey is getting boring and worse. Waiting. Complications. Money out. Negotiations. Fear. Conspiracy theories. Taking offense. Blah blah blah.

Where the hell is the peaceful zenlike oasis? Is there light at the end of this tunnel?

“Someone please tell me it’s not a train”

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