Watermelon Challenges

Got some beautiful watermelon plants – Charleston Gray – growing in reusable grocery bags. I’m going to go ahead and embarrass myself by publishing some assumptions without first doing research.  

  • Container gardening poses challenges with moisture sometimes more so than gardening in the ground
  • Cloth bags don’t hold moisture all that well (hence people posting things like “it’s impossible to over water”)
  • Water- fucking- melon should probably receive plenty of water, Yeah?
  • I’ve been a bit of a stingy waterer thus far

And now for the drum roll………

Presenting Blossom End Rot!

So far it only seems like 2 of the 9 babies are affected.  And now I solemnly swear to water them every day until they are nearly ripe (if we are so blessed to make it that far) and I will at that point withhold water for the sole purpose of sweetening.

Out of curiosity Silas and I cut into one. He said, “I bet it’s red inside!” I said, “I bet it’s white.”  Well, guess who was right?

My baby!

They smell fantastic and are surprisingly sweet for being so little.

(Now, let’s just cross our fingers that it’s not a real calcium deficiency.)

Heirlooms in Cheapo Containers

$1 apiece. Marshall’s bags. Huge and less porous than the cloth kind of shopping bag, so holds moisture better. I would call it a successful experiment. I have indeterminate heirlooms overtaking six foot bamboo stakes and producing lovely fruit, all contained within these colorful bags. 

These came from Burpee’s heirloom assortment, which I did my best to examine for differences hoping to reap the greatest probable variety.

It worked pretty well, because so far I have tasted a cuostralee:

A pink brandywine:

Lots of golden sunbursts:

A black krim and a couple of djena lee’s golden girls (r.i.p. djena’s girl….best tangy flavor but the stem rotted somehow):

And a hundred and fifty million red currants (separate seed pack) but still not too many to keep up with eating them fresh. And they’re the best!

Next summer I would like to put the tomatoes into the ground, mostly because of my own ideals about what a real garden should look like. But honestly, this is working out really well. The cheapy bags hold plenty of soil, they are sturdy enough to move around a bit, and the bamboo stakes do pretty well supporting everything. I do think my supports move a bit too much and maybe that’s why my djena’s girl died. Not sure. But overall, I claim success! Would recommend.

But one mystery remains. What the hell is sticking out of my tomato stakes?