Some Ladybugs Aren’t Friendly & a Cucumber Celebration

Cucurbit Ladybirds are vegetarians. No aphids for them, just yummy cucumber and squash leaves.

I plucked some from the cucumber plants and held onto them until I could figure out what they were. Then Silas decided he wanted to keep them for a while.

But now he’s done and told me I can go ahead and kill them. Seems pretty harsh, but I did explain previously that we weren’t going to release them back into the wild.

The lovely plants do seem like they can withstand a bit of gnawing. Last year there were some Cucumber Beetles, but I’d not seen these Ladybirds before.

The pollinators are working hard.

Even some ants are getting in on the action.

Thank you, everybody (except you guys that I still need to crush — sorry.)

These are from the saved seeds of last year’s Parade Pickles and they taste like heavenly flowers. Even Scout likes them.

Water infused with them (& basil & peppermint) keeps me happily hydrated enough to keep working in the harsh sun. Also Silas likes it! He’s such a good little buddy.

Time to do away with the little jerks.

Oh sweet. They’re trying to make more vegetarian ladybugs.


Author: Morgan Mill

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