Pissed off at the Terrorists who Shoot up our Schools but I like Weeds

This post sucks but fuck off about it

Since my children made it home safely from school today we could enjoy some spring together: Weeds, beautiful weeds.

They sustain the pollinators and make lovely salads for the chickens.

I love North Carolina. It’s a great state full of natural beauty. I just wish our legislators weren’t all owned by the fear mongering greedy pigs at the NRA.

I’m was born and raised Floridian and I’m sick about what keeps happening to the children of our nation. We need Gun Control and Mental Health. What is our Republican controlled Congress doing? Thoughts and Prayers. Our nation was founded on genocide, I guess that’s a tradition to which we cling.

Author: Morgan Mill

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3 thoughts on “Pissed off at the Terrorists who Shoot up our Schools but I like Weeds”

  1. I totally agree with you on the mental health. That’s one thing that is blatantly ignored in this country.

    I’m iffy on the gun control. I come from a family of avid hunters and I enjoy hunting myself and eating fresh game. I’d have to see that jeopardized.

    However, I feel that something needs to change, because the current methods are not working.

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    1. I don’t think most people want to take away everyone’s guns. I don’t. I just feel like we need to examine this issue and we need to start somewhere. I also believe that the NRA has paid for our politicians to the point where nobody will look at anything. Not after Sandy Hook, not after Las Vegas. It’s Twilight Zone-y to me how the 2nd Amendment is treated with carte blanche and we’re just getting more and more crazy. Do I get that Americans feel free and independent with firearms as a means to protect and feed themselves? Yes. I have a shotgun that makes me have that same sense. Do I think that a “well organized militia” can possibly protect us from a corrupt government in this day and age? No. I do not. And corruption looms everywhere.

      Thanks so much for your input, fellow nature woman.

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