Sometimes We all Need a Little Concrete in our Lives

Gordon and I made our escape to Wilmington, NC for the weekend without our children. We’ve been married for nearly 13 years and this is only the 4th time we’ve been away together. I told this to a woman I work with (while explaining how I would in no way be available to deal with anything work-related this weekened) and she looked at me with the most serious face and asked me, “Are you a loser?” LOL. I guess that’s a legitimate question coming from a suburbanite who socializies with other adults and who cares about things like “fashion”. But yeah, even I need to play in the city world now and again. I just never seem to know it without some prodding.

One cool irony is that the first pub we checked out happened to be an old converted seed store.  Felt right at home with a local pint in my hand while staring at a sign about morning glories.

It’s such a cool city.  Lots of history, lots of fun.  Not expensive.  Hip without being pretentious.

Did I mention that we did this without the children? And that it’s been like FOREVER? I had maybe close to no gray hair last time we escaped. So we did it up: a little crazy – but mostly just total silliness. It was great fun.

A Couple of Badasses

Author: Morgan Mill

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