Egg Size Progression

Clementine’s eggs have increased in size by nearly 20% since she began laying just over two weeks ago.

Rosie’s eggs are now much darker than they were when we first met her and also they are huge!  I didn’t have a food scale (or even think to weigh them) back then, but just a month ago, there is no way her eggs were like this:



According to U.S. egg sizing standards, Rosie started out as a Pee-wee producer (HOW CUTE IS THAT?!) and is now nearly a Medium.  Rosie, the old pro, is giving us solid Extra-Large eggs 6 days a week.

This is so fun.  I should go let them out of the coop and give them kisses!

Author: Morgan Mill

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Egg Size Progression”

  1. Who knew a chickens eggs could change in size. Not I, my assumption was different chickens produced a variety of eggs. Never have I given it a thought. But, sure we are what we eat, and a product if our environment. So, naturally, they are as well.

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    1. As their bodies get used to the process they can produce larger eggs. The first ones are clearly somewhat of a struggle, evidenced by blood streaks. It’s sweet like little girls becoming little women.


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