Winter Happened to Jade 

In all of my dumbassery I consciously thought that my lovely Jade would survive a 20 degree night. I didn’t forget her; I thought of her and then thought, “Eh, she’s under the carport near the wall. She’ll be alright.”

Yes, I was born and raised in Florida. But I’ve lived in lands with winter for the last thirteen years. Shit freezes. Plant cells are full of water – especially succulents – and what does water do in frigid temps?

Well, the next morning in the garden I tried to cut some greens for the girls. Couldn’t really cut them because it was like using dull scissors on an ice cube. Then it hit me: The Jade must be frozen solid too!

She was given to me as a cutting in a tiny pot from my husband’s friend’s wife as a housewarming gift when we moved into our last house over six years ago. She’s grown enormous and is the clone-mother of several other jades. I love her and yet I was careless with her.

They say to bring the poor plant inside, wait until everything droops, sogs, and/or turns black. Then cut back to what (if anything) seems firm.

This looks promising.

On a lighter note, I found this little guy I’ve been missing in that jungle:

Author: Morgan Mill

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