So Thankful

As I was coming into town yesterday on my way home from work I saw an impressive bolt of lightning off in the distance.  Immediately following that I felt the clap of thunder beneath my car. Feeling it seems odd even in retrospect, but perhaps the universe was nudging me. 

Pulling into the drive I stopped to take this picture, happy for the rain.

Gordon met me outside to tell me about the lightning that hit the lamp post out back while he and the kids and the dog stood watching the storm roll in. He said everything turned red. I expressed my disappointment in missing it. He told me that things got destroyed: the modem, the wireless router, the PlayStation. 

A bit later while Gordon was figuring out whether these items were under warranty and dealing with that hodgepodge, I went to wash my hands and discovered we had no water. The well pump got fried as well. Luckily our neighbors had the ability and kind willingness to let us tap into their well for a couple of days until we get it sorted out.

We also lost our security camera. The neighbors also lost their air conditioning unit. Happily for them they have a landlord and happily for us it isn’t us. 

Today Eddie found another striking point. Lightning struck the sycamore in front of our bedroom window that has a destiny for removal (whether I like it or not). Note the new wound down its beautiful length.

This is likely going to cost us at least a couple of thousand dollars. But I’m not complaining.  My boys were all standing beneath the carport when lightning arced over their heads, hitting this tree on one side, and the lamp post on the other. They could have gotten hit. It’s a bit of a miracle nobody was hurt. Never again will any of us watch storms outside the house. 

I am so thankful. 


Author: Morgan Mill

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3 thoughts on “So Thankful”

  1. Sometimes we forget how inforgiving Mother Nature can be. We are engulfed in our cocoon of modern novelties and forget we are beholden to someone as old as time.

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