So months have passed.  Some things have happened.  Some other things have not.

We didn’t buy the rental. Weeks after we moved in, it became apparent that the rental wouldn’t be at all suitable for city folks’ weekend getaways (stench, noise). And then crunching the numbers with a clearer head showed a very thin return on investment for a huge outlay of cash, along with an undertaking of care for which we were just not ready.  Luckily Mr. & Mrs. C were slow to shoddily hold up their end of things, giving us the chance to escape making a second huge mistake. Throughout the winter we were nearly completely convinced that buying the property we live in was the first one.

Large problems were misosed by our home inspector. Rotting roof boards, mold in the basement, water drainage and grading issues along with rain rain rain. Quotes from contractors added up to the tens of thousands.

It was as if we’d been staring into an enchanted mirror, seeing the picture of our dreams.  And then the gift from the mirror turned around to face us and was actually a beastly nightmare.

So those months were fun. I had to hold on tight with my eyes closed telling us that “it’s going to be alright” over and over and only very minimally believing it until the ground thawed and we eventually became bored with our terror and got distracted by the gifts that are truly here, problematic structure or not.

So here we are. We have each other and our health. We found a dog: Wendell the Wanderer who just showed up one day and didn’t seem to belong to anybody but us.  New renters moved in and became our fast friends (and then almost as quickly went back to being the neighbors). Once a random white horse wandered through our back yard in the middle of the night.  I have a beautiful vegetable garden, albeit in bags. I have a magical herb garden complete with a special windchime memorializing my mother. A turtle laid eggs in front of me yesterday. We bought a boat. (What house repairs?)  Things are really ok. They are good. I’m still healing; perhaps I will be forever. The guys survived (and thrived in) their school year. We are here.

Let the next chapter begin.


Author: Morgan Mill

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