Smokin’ Stuff: part 2

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We used to have a pool. Now we have color coded sturdy lidded buckets. Guess which bucket has the piss in it?  The other two buckets contained my “water supply” (air quotes) and some kitchen scraps.  I thought that since we’d gotten a bit of rain today that I’d end up with a beautifully soaked pile of compost material after a couple of trips back to the hose, which is incredibly far away.  Like stupidly so.  Oh yeah, and look at that “rake”. Ok, so it is an actual rake, but was in no way a proper tool for the job.  Basically I got to my compost site, tossed a five gallon drop of water onto a dry sponge, moved twelve blades of grass with my flimsy plastic rake, and realized that I was way out of my league. The pile laughed at my pitiful attempt.image

I went back up to garden shed, amped up my tools and took two more trips to get water before I changed my mind and resigned that I would just have to have a cold compost pile.  These mounds are a lot bigger than they look.  And I wouldn’t be able to get any warmth started with crispy leaves and the well on the other side of the earth.  Also, it never really rains anymore.  Whatever.  So I just blended together what I could, using the dampest parts of the smaller grass pile.  I crushed up my kitchen scraps and added them. I ceremoniously sprinkled the piss/coffee bucket around the center. I moved some leaves back onto the heap, then started digging into the larger grass pile. And lo!  What did I discover in yesterday’s grass besides a hundred spiders? Heat!  I couldn’t believe it!  This heat thing actually works!  And hell yeah it should….that grass was a near perfect 20:1 carbon to nitrogen after all!  Gordon showed up to help me get myself back up to the house so I could be a part of the family once again.  I excitedly told him about my discovery.  He was not at all impressed, “I know all about rotting piles of grass clippings. I’ve moved more than a few. It’s going to rain again tonight anyway, don’t worry about the water.”


Yeah. Whatever. Rain. Sure.





Flash flood warning until 11:45. Luckily it seems to have quieted.



After 2 evenings of torrential rains, hazardous road conditions, and plenty of water seeping where we don’t want it, our pond is pretty full and my pile is pretty warm!

Pond is Full Little Pile Dweller

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Author: Morgan Mill

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