Smokin’ Hot Garbage-y Fun

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OK — So it’s time to set the foundation of all of our endeavors.  And where better to begin than the plan for our waste?  Everything we do produces a by-product.  And it was never more evident than moving out of one place and into another.  (Mountains of crap.)  So in order to make us more efficient participants of life, I’m going to try my hand at hot-composting.  Eeek.  But I like ratios and trying to perfect formulas.  This should be fun.  So Gordon drove around picking up a bunch of leaves (trying to find our driveway and grass in the front yard) while I made a base of twigs taken from one of the many, many, many brush piles blocking off the more dense part of the woods.  Then we made this:


There is some “green” material in here, and possibly the grass clippings mixed in will help, but I’m sure that this dry heap of leaves will not be steaming any time soon.  So I’m going to collect piss.  Lots and lots of piss.  Yes?  I guess I could maybe take my pile apart and sprinkle it in somehow?  I don’t know how I’ll work it logistically yet.  But I know that I need some nitrogen.

So that covers what do do with lawn waste, kitchen waste, and our extra urine (tee-hee). For the rest, we aren’t going to pay for trash collection.  The local landfill is only a couple of miles away.  Empty barrels were left in the garage and I think I will use them to set up a recycling/trash center in the yard.


So the conservationist goal here is to minimize the paying kind of drop off at the landfill.


Author: Morgan Mill

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