Fantastic First Weekend

We did it!

By a small miracle we closed and recorded the deed on Friday. Lack of forethought combined with a lack of communication led us to Friday morning arriving with no form of payment in hand except for a checkbook attached to a life insurance account full of money. But no title office cares about a checkbook. A leisurely thought struck me as I showered Friday morning that went something like, “Huh, I wonder if a check is an acceptable form of payment.” Then we proceeded on our way to the final walk-through, also using this time for the carpet guy to come out and measure so that his team of installers could be ready to go Monday morning. On the way back home with two hours before signing, I mentioned my concern to Gordon, adding that surely the title company can call to verify the funds or in the worst case, that the insurance account could wire the funds. No and no. After about eight different phone calls to three different organizations and six different people and some ‘Nothing left to do now but cry’ – type tears at the bank teller counter, we ended up with a cashier’s check for some $45,000 and bought a house.

So this weekend we were able to get in with our own key and move a good bit of our junk in and rip old nasty carpet out. I’m hoping the mustiness in the newer end of the house goes away now like it has in the older side. I still need to scrub walls and windows and floors. That should help too. Oh and not only is there a fire ant epidemic there, but the flies are incredible. They come in droves in the afternoon. I made a trap per Pinterest instruction. Pancake syrup wasn’t good fly bait, but beer was! Gordon also bought a real trap that smells like death. I can’t wait to see if it caught 20,000 flies like the package says it can.


We also did a bunch of exploring and playing:






Author: Morgan Mill

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