Finally (Almost) There

To say this has been terrible would be an insensitive comparison to the real trials of life: death, tragedy, loss.  After all, at this moment we are on a quest for dirt, right?  This is a happy time.  But it hasn’t been.  It’s been hard.  Unexpected things appeared, namely some pretty major water damage on the rental house. This led to shaken trust, hurt feelings, hundreds of heated discussions, and repeated thoughts of walking away from the whole thing.  Basically the beautiful fantasy was wiped away and replaced with muddled garbage.  No peace; no security.  Fear.

And so for now, we’ve navigated through and over the mess and have made it to the Wednesday before close.  This morning I dropped my phone and cracked its screen in the employee parking lot.  My co-worker claimed it as her own nuisance saying, “That’s the stuff that happens if you hang around me.”  (Please, if you are in love with your negative energy, keep it to yourself.)  Anyway, we have made it to Wednesday.  Friday we close on the main house.  Nine a.m. is the final walkthrough and noon is the closing.  Carpet guy is coming to the walkthrough as well for measurements.  I’m hoping the square footage comes in closer to 1200 than 1500, so we can splurge on the Dream Weaver Cashmere in Sandstone.  Plushy-wushy goodness.

Steps left:

  1. Close on New Home
  2. Oversee (and contribute to) Rental repairs
  3. Deal with tons more bank BS to purchase Rental
  4. Close on Current Residence and get out
  5. Close on Rental
  6. Try not to spend every bit of cash we have
  7. Ditch Renter (go ahead and judge)
  8. Prepare Rental for being converted to a Vacation Rental (maybe a long shot, maybe a home run)
  9. Try not to spend what’s ever left of our ever-dwindling cash stash
  10. Buy final 1.5 acre parcel at the end of five years per agreement

No problem!


(Thanks to whoever drew this lovely mandala.  I swiped it from Google Images, printed it, and hung it on Silas’ bedroom wall over his little wicker chair.  We called it the “calm spot”.)

Author: Morgan Mill

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