Water Damage, Radon, and Termites, Oh My!

Can we just be done with the inspections and especially the findings already?  The water damage is real, possibly extensive.  This is on the rental house only, due to cheap leaky skylights in a very nice expensive metal roof.  And because the rental is an efficient “earth house”, it is half buried into the ground…which is damp.  So, Gordon ordered a termite inspection.  And threw in a radon inspection. After all, our current house just underwent a radon inspection, so it must be a sign.  Signs.  Not my favorite things, unless they point me in a happy direction.

Then we got the inspection report for the home we’re selling with ninety million fix-me requests attached. Some legitimate: You want your roof to be fully functional, even if the “dysfunction” was a single shingle overlapping in the wrong direction. Some not so legitimate: The bath tub’s slow drain hasn’t bothered me for five years and Are your children really going to climb up the stove and tip it over? Some downright wrong: No, just no, you never fully drain a pool that has a liner, and for moderately high cyanuric acid? Come on!

Needless to say we were a bit stressed and overwhelmed yesterday. Just have to wait for the official reports back on the new place and address the things on our house without spending a ton.


Author: Morgan Mill

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